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A first book at 65… Why not?

January 24th, 2011 · 2 Comments · When I'm 65

Spryto.com Editor Shelley Buck writes about launching a new career at 65.

ALL my life I’ve known I wanted to write books. But there were other things: a child, a husband, a house to buy, work to attend to, dirty dishes, even. Also, I’m shy, and even though I was a feminist, a journalist, and later a professor teaching writing, tooting my horn for my own needs came hard.

And then we moved to a boat. While there was plenty to repair, I wasn’t handy or good at it. Other family members took on these tasks. Living aboard a boat changed my perception of what a home meant: In a galley a quarter the size of the usual cubicle, there wasn’t much opportunity to do gourmet cooking. Dusting became easy in a salon living space of less than a hundred square feet. I couldn’t, even if I desired, shuffle the furniture around. Almost everything was built in. With only three plates and a handful of cups, there was little temptation to spend my days washing dishes. I walked the dog out on the wetlands paths, and while my son was at school, I wrote.

And eventually there was a book. I was working. It took time to finish and edit up the book. Time to format it for publication, time to learn web design skills for promotion, time to find an editor, a community, and the encouragement to proceed, time to learn about eBooks and how the opportunity for online publication might streamline the process.

I had been waiting all my life for permission to write. Now, I decided to give myself permission to publish, too. And on November 6, 2010, Floating Point was born. And now, as a publisher and author simultaneously, I really do have my hands full. It feels wonderful!

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  • Clark Leighton

    We went from a house to an RV (for this year). I like the change of perspective. Good luck with the book!

  • admin

    Thanks, Clark. Happy travels! We hope to be out and about in our RV this year, too. It’s a little different from living on a boat. I have to watch water use a lot more carefully, but I love getting out in nature!

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