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Resolutions: When I’m 65…

January 17th, 2010 · 2 Comments · When I'm 65

I have decided 65 is the new 30.

Many of us who after 30 “got serious,” raised our children, bought a house, and worked at jobs we may not always have loved to try to hang onto it, get another chance. Those of us who at 18 or 20 roamed the world but later stopped because we were busy being  “grown up,” get another chance at roving. Those of us who wrote plays or poetry,  get another chance at creating. Those of us who sat in, or perhaps campaigned for women’s rights or peace,  get another chance at seeking justice.

People are living longer now. We made history as kids, and we still have a dream or two. So it’s time to make some new life’s resolutions. Right now. Here are some suggested ones:

Finish that book. If some corporate New York publisher won’t run with it, publish  independently, using the nifty new online tools.

Share. We are about to get a break on medical bills. Insist that our younger sisters and brothers, our neighbors and our children get one too.

Travel, but stay in a village. Do something about what you learn there.

Add to the list. Make some resolutions of your own.

We are not used up; we are pent up. And we’re back!

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  • Margaret Murray

    Hey, this is just the kick in the pajamas I need this cold and wet January night, four days from my 65th birthday. Our age is our legacy to ourselves, our own best friend. Yeah!

  • admin

    Margaret, Thanks for helping kick off the new blog! Our promises (to ourselves as well as others) are our legacy, too, I think. They should be celebrated. It’s an enormous generation that is coming into this age group. Recalling what happened in the 1960s, I do believe that how we choose to live these later years will make history, as well.

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